Monday, November 12, 2007

Bad Idea

I really had a good time at ConvegeSouth in Greensboro this year. It was my first time at a conference. I don't have a company or any product to push but I did want to hand something out to people I talked to. In Lieu of handing out a business card I thought I would be clever an screenprint a little something. Spent a few hours working on it and thought people would appreciate something different. As I drove into NC A&T campus I started thinking about my print. As I parked more thoughts went through my head. I questioned both should I have printed this in the first place and seeing as though this thing was talking place at a prodominatly black school my clever idea was now looking less so. The one print I handed out was quickly folded and put into a pocket. I see the Confederate flag as nothing more then nice design. But given the place I now wish I had done something else.

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